Action Figures & the Search Network

Action Figures & the Search Network

The Search Network for Google Adwords is my preferred first foundation for an advertising project. With the Search Network, you have first-hand access to a plethora of potential customers and the means to filter for specific, searchable keywords and campaign criterion.

Your success is determined by choice of adgroups, re-arranging by theme. Examine a website for example. You want to break your Adwords campaign into pieces that best reflect your website. Imagine you own the domain for an action-figures business. You have several brands and manufacturers to sort through, and that inventory is massive. What do you do? Where do you even begin to organize these products?

Action Figures? Why?

First, organize some of your products from brands and manufacturers. Some go to Bandai, check. Some go to Mattel, got it. Others go to the Good Smile Company, and yadda, yadda, yadda. The point is to envision a clear and well-defined system for organizing from bigger picture details to finer factors. You narrow by make or build of the manufacturer to then filter into the category. of action-figure, making the time to observe aspects such as theme. based

Of action-figures, a category might be something that ties the toy to a movie or TV show. Perhaps the figure was released during a special, limited run. Those determining factors provide a better system for purposing your potential ads for the perfect audience.

Keywords Like Bandai

The point is made. Break down your campaign by ad groups that reflect your makes and models, the categories, then your tags. If you’ve ever owned or worked on a website, the gist is a similar one. Any amateur user of the web could break the meat and potatoes of it all down to actionable keywords from there. And that’s the next step.

Focus on those tags from the categories mentioned above. The details might be something along the lines of action figure, Mattel, Bandai, collectible, etc, etc. And, from there, you’ve laid the foundation from posts and pages to link to meaningful landing zones from your text ads.

Text Ads & Simplicity


Thank you for reading. Now, you have a better understanding of the basics from digital analytics. If you have any comments or questions, please drop a line below or contact me directly at:




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