Putting Yourself Out There

Putting Yourself Out There

Suspend your disbelief and learn to put yourself in front of a crowd. Any good storyteller worth his or her weight in gold must jump the hurdle of self-doubt. Yes, you should be more proactive with posting more and, for a change, turn on a camera for YouTube videos. If for nothing else, it’s another means to an end – monetize your know-how. If you have something to share, to provide to an audience, however amateur in its delivery, it is better to sacrifice some privacy and humility for the sake of better practice. That’s plain and simple.

It is understandable to feel wobbly at the knees, so to speak, when you put yourself out there in front of several anonymous eyes on the interwebs, but the fact remains: you’re wanting to design, and so you actually must behave on that public, professional platform that is online.

Front & Center

Everything or nothing. That’s the way to will yourself to practice. As with any foreign language or musical instrument, you’re required to practice the fundamentals first. Don’t dive into the deep-end just yet. Rather wade out into the shallow end.

That doesn’t mean you go out there with floaties. It means you swim ferociously, flay about. Reach out with meaningful gestures to improve. Start with a plan. For other content creators out there, I suggest you first attempt a blog for your business or hobby. I’ve created a few blogs before based on lifelong hobbies, from guitar to video games. If I were to look back on some of those attempts, I’d blush. And, so too would those early day readers. But I made an attempt. The gesture was well received; the practice was maintained.

That’s all we want at first. Make the attempt. Get up there, front & center.

A blog on Blogger or Tumblr is a great first step without any fees, then, from there, decide on another domain, grab some dedicated hosting, and put yourself further out there. Have backlinks connect to your hobby site. Make it so that potential readers get the gist of your work from regular posting. And then, move to YouTube, share on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

I know it’s difficult to share to your inner circle of friends and family, but unless you muster up the courage to put yourself out there, front and center, you will never know what could have been. No more wobbling at the knees. Chin up. Straighten your back. We have something to share. Let’s do it.

Thank you for reading. Now, you have a better understanding of the basics from digital analytics. If you have any comments or questions, please drop a line below or contact me directly at:



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