What are Digital Analytics?

What are Digital Analytics?

When you provide a good or service, sales and marketing strategies are optimized by collecting information, and that information varies from a wide filter of dimensions. From geographical criteria, such as location and time, to behavioral patterns, from click through rates, session amounts, and bounce, your understanding digital analytics tools benefits not only your immediate cost per acquisition but also your approach for future marketing & advertising plans.

Think of traditional marketing strategies. If I sell cars for a living, and I want to boost my net gains with advertising & marketing, I must first gather information from my clientele. This requires my asking deep questions then, of my potential customers, their interests and hobbies, how they approach purchasing a car, etc. With this traditional approach, I would have to go door to door to gather this kind of information with consistency in detail, or, at the very least, contact local registries or competitor dealerships for an inkling of information. I need an easier way, with regards to my website(s), to measure change, to gather the details.

Analytics Provide…

Digital Analytics are a means to do just that, plan ahead while implementing changes from the past and present data collected. Once you gather information, such as the above-mentioned geo & behavior traits from your customers visiting your web pages, you’re on the way to more successful marketing and advertising of your good or service. This is a sooner-rather-than-later approach that maximizes measurable profits for you and customers or clients.

Imagine again I am that same seller of cars above. If I provide my website in a clean and concise format, with analytics tools coded on each page with which I want to measure, the door-to-door tactics from tradition are no longer required. I don’t need to phone friends of friends. My work, like my website, is clean and concise. I own a portal into the minds of members of the audience – what they see on my site, how they react, how long they spend on pages, and whether or not they click.

What’s the Best Part?

Whether you focus on ECommerce, blogs, physical goods or services, digital analytics benefit you. And, the sooner you learn of tools, such as those offered by Google directly, Adwords & Analytics, the sooner you are on your way to innovative, actionable management of patterns, campaigns, and goals.

Thank you for reading. Now, you have a better understanding of the basics from digital analytics. If you have any comments or questions, please drop a line below or contact me directly at:

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