Pay Per Click Specialist

Traditional advertising isn’t bringing you the high return on investment you’ve come to expect, as you’re often the one working to attract new customers. And that’s a waste of ad spend and time. With online advertising & marketing, you are in control, and customers come to you.


Using Google Adwords, Adsense, and Analytics, with Search & Display Networks, I analyze your products, goods, and services for new online sales. You benefit from boosts in website traffic, and your conversion rates skyrocket.


Keyword matching and crafting the right relevancy is the name of the game, and together we can target the right kind of traffic to your products, goods, and services with special campaigns and ad groups that focus on specific details.


We will work together to generate daily and monthly budget – cost per click, and establish new goals for impressions, average spend, and ROI. The best part: it’s all measurable with easy-to-use metrics.


Gone are the days of traditional marketing and advertising.

Copy Writing

Content creation is all about telling a story, and your customers want a memorable epic with drama, action & adventure in bite-sized morsels of goodness. That’s quite a challenge. What are you left to do?


With the writing of copy, you’re often left with the task of reducing. Concise writing is the best writing, and trimming the filler fat is in high demand when it comes to your words. But it requires attention to detail. Trimming too much leaves your copy in a journalistic state, without the flavor. Prioritize with above-the-fold content in your own words, and you’re left with readers wanting more.


Together, we can boost your user engagement and improve your traffic. Long drawn writing is dead. Long live the short and simple from writing copy.

Web & Graphic Design

You have a popular good or service, and you know that with the right platform customers would eagerly line up for purchase. But you haven’t the time nor know-how to build that platform from scratch.


Using tasteful, welcoming web design, your customers see the product in a clean, helpful style, and you have a means to further engage. Thus, with your site visible, you are able to work with your customers and measure their behavior with your product or service.


With online marketing, your customers are looking for you. Not the other way around. Together we can lay the foundation for something greater.

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